Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ingress Update

Still playing. Walked about 7 miles so far playing the game. My town is small, unfortunately, so the leveling is slow - just now reaching halfway to level 3. Like I said, my town is in the middle of most of the major towns in the state, so it seems like a lot of people have keys to my area - well, at least in the nearby Resistance-nest that is Hutchinson. They've got that area down tight thanks to four or five high level agents, while we only have two or three mid-to-high level Enlightened in the town.

That's good for me, though. The Resistance in Hutch have been keeping the portals in my town recharged. So I know they wont go neutral by themselves due to neglect. I am working on capturing some of the portals on the main street so I can do some links and a small field. I'm kind of hesitant, however, as if I do that, that's three less Resistance portals for hacking and I don't know if/when any Res will come through town to switch them. Of course, there would still be six or so portals afterwards.

I got one resonator down, and have plans to kill two more that are right next to each other (From two different portals) either later tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how many XMP bursters I get from my night circuit here in a bit.

I went into another town yesterday. It was a small town, though, so only three portals. I plan to go into Hutch tomorrow, which has a decent number, though.

Oh yeah, I finally figured out that holding the fire-button when doing XMP bursts can give you up to 20% extra damage. Also, holding the hack button down initiates the glyph mini-game that gives bonus items. The glyphs remind me a lot of what I've seen from Shadow Cities gameplay videos, so I'm wondering if Niantic will someday introduce a feature that uses them similar to how Shadow Cities did.

I also noticed (along with a shitton of other people, apparently) a couple of codes in this picture, from a recent announcement of... an upcoming announcement >.>

One of them seems fairly obvious (After doing a quick course in Ingress code breaking). The other is to advanced for me to figure out right now. Especially considering that I somehow got the supposedly easy code wrong... unless I need to reverse it or something.

That's it for now. 

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