Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wurm Online & Dragon's Prophet

I knew this would eventually happen, and I've mentioned it in past posts. I've gotten a bit bored of Dragon's Prophet. Not because the game is bad, not at all. The game is fantastic and I still log on daily to work on my dragons. It's just that I've been reduced to repeating Public Events each day to level up because there's no quests. It's quite annoying and almost ruins the game for me. I still log on whenever there's events, and I try to log on enough to set up my dragon processes and let the guild know I still exist.

Other than that, I've been playing Wurm Online lately. I started with Xycrone and Nargato and we've been having a bit of fun. It's been going a bit slow, but that's to be expected as it's Wurm. I'm not sure if they'll stick with the game, they seem to like it though. We're part of a village called Minowick at the moment, but we went off on our own so I could introduce them to the game more easily. I'm not sure if we'll continue to live off on our own or just stick with Minowick. The cool thing about Wurm is that there's so many options.

Soon, Wurm should have bridges. Not sure if that will affect me, but it seems quite cool. I'm kind of torn between wanting to start my own village, or just sitting back and being apart of one. The issue is I have my own ideas of what I think would be cool or interesting, so it makes it hard to sit back and follow the plans of someone else. On the other hand, I don't feel like dealing with the stress of running a deed on Epic, I've done it once already and it was annoying to say the least. And it's not because of raiders or anything, it's dealing with neighbors and villagers that gets annoying, as there always seems to be an never ending source of drama.

Other than Wurm and Dragon's Prophet, I've been playing a lot of Gotham City Imposters, World of Warplanes (review link) and World of Tanks. That's about all I have for this update.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Still Playing Dragon's Prophet

So I've been playing Dragon's Prophet for about two weeks now. I've been putting in 4-6 hours a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. So far, things have been going great and I haven't gotten bored of the game at all. I'm truly surprised at this. I figured by now I'd be long gone and looking for a new game. Mostly because I really hate quest grinding.

As I've said in the past, I'm guessing it's the housing, the dragons, and now the guild features that are keeping me hooked. It's taken quite a while, but I'm finally able to say that the $40 Dragon Pack I bought for the game months and months ago was worth the money! So far, I've spent about $100 on the game (including the $40 for the Dragon Pack so long ago), and I haven't regretted a dime of it. About $30 of that $100 is going towards helping out guildies and buying a $15 SC card for a contest I'm holding for my guild.

So far I've reached level 48. I would be higher,but as with the past couple of days, I got a bit distracted with other things in the game and didn't get a chance to level. Tonight I went dragon hunting, trying to find dragons with great abilities that I can transfer over to my Chaotic Terror ancient dragon that I got from the Halloween event. So far I've given him Tough Hide, which will give him a nice boost to his defense stats once it's leveled up all the way, but now I'm trying to find nice healing abilities for him. I found one, but I'm going to keep searching just in case I can find something better.

Amitabha should reach level 4 tomorrow, which is nice. We're picking up the pace in leveling as we get more active members. I'm hoping to keep the guild a bit small, as I don't want to be a random zerg. However, we're also doing our best to accept newbies  to give them a hand. Introducing people to this game is a blast, just as much fun as it was in Age of Wushu. Both games are a lot more deep and complex than they initially seem, so there's a lot to learn and I feel like I've only just scratched the surface myself.

Since we reached guild level 3 and unlocked the flute gathering process for our dragons, we've been having a blast trying to get something good. Setting up 6 5-hour flute gathering processes and then getting on the next day to see if you got anything good is great, but nothing beats the excitement of seeing what you summon when actually using a good flute. We've been gathering in our Sanctuary whenever one of us has flutes to open, so it's become a pretty big deal within our guild which makes it all the more exciting. So far we've got one ancient out of all of us, but then again we've only had the ability to gather the flutes for two days.

That's it for now. I'll continue to update the blog with what I'm up too in Dragon's Prophet up until I get bored of and quit the game. And even after that I'll continue to update the blog still. I should be making an OnRPG update on what I'm reviewing/have reviewed in the next couple of days. So far this month it's been nothing but browser games, none of which haven't kept be interested enough to stick with them for long. Anyways, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dragon's Prophet

Lately I've been playing a game called Dragon's Prophet. I've covered it a few times in the past, doing a couple of press previews and writing a "First Look" article. I've got to say I've always been fascinated with the concept with the game, ever since I first heard of it. I even purchased a $40 Dragon Pack in anticipation of the great dragon-backed adventures I would have.

My first introductions to the game was through the Taiwanese version. Plenty of times in the past I've played the foreign versions of games before their North American release to get idea of what they were like. I've done it with ArcheAge, Swordsman Online, Age of Wushu, and many others. So, I did the same with Dragon's Prophet and I have to admit I had a lot of fun playing this early version of the game. There were some bugs, of course, and some things I wasn't a big fan of. But I did enjoy it.

When it came time for the press previews, things seemed to be going well. I noticed that some things had been improved since my time in the Taiwan closed beta version of the game. I was still excited. Unfortunately, by time the closed and open betas came around, which was when I wrote my First Look, things were looking grim. Promised features were months and months away from being implemented, the starting areas of the game felt way too cramped for a game that focused on riding on the back of dragons (often flying). And overall it just felt like another quest grinder that wouldn't amount to anything, but I still optimistic and decided I would just forget about the game for a bit and then come back at a later time.

Well, almost two weeks ago I decided it was time to come back to the game. Or should I say, I logged into Team Speak to find that several of my guildmates had downloaded the game and I decided to join in on the fun. The first two days were great, we had a blast and it seemed like a great game. Unfortunately, after that we found out (via a friend of mine that is a vet of the game) that Dragon's Prophet was a bit "pay to win." This put a damper on our moods, and in the end resulted in two of us quitting. However, two of us decided to remain and we've been having a blast.

We know we probably wont be so optimistic later on down the line, but for now we're having fun capturing dragons, completing epic boss battles, and seeing how far we can get before the "Pay to win" aspect ruins it for us. Neither of us are afraid to put a bit of money into the game, so we've unlocked dragon slots, extra inventory/bank space and some other convenience features.  We've both bought houses and have found that we quite enjoy the housing system available in the game.

So, lately this is what I've been playing. I'll write a few more in-depth posts over the next week or so, probably include a lot of screenshots as well. Till then, see ya later!