Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ingress and Summoners War + Article updates

So, I've continued to play Ingress and have continued to have a blast with it. Honestly, the game has been so enjoyable that I've decided to upgrade my phone to a device that can better play it (an LG G2). A few days ago I created my first link between two portals in my small town. A couple of days after that, I created my first field. It wasn't any fancy, just a simply field that covers less than a quarter of my small town that gave the Enlightened nine Mind Units. I have actually started coming up with a road-trip plan for a portal I want to span a huge area of open space between my town plus two medium sized towns. The entire trip should take about three hours and I honestly have no idea when I'll make it - I'm thinking once I hit level 4.

My first field.

I've made a few trips into nearby towns for key collection so that I can help with future links/fields and so I can recharge portals from afar. Also, you might see a fully resonated portal in the top left corner of the above screenshot. Apparently someone passed by and turned it into a level 4 portal. Not sure if that'll be a problem for me. It has two shields, and I'm honestly not sure if I want to make the effort to cap it. I think it might provide some nice items since it's the highest portal in town - so it may be a boon.

Other than Ingress, I've still been playing Summoners War. I recently discovered that I can set it to auto-play in combat, so I've been spending a lot of time leveling up my creatures while doing other things like reading or playing games on the computer. It's still quite fun, and I enjoy how the game isn't really pay-to-win. Well, I suppose you DO need the cash shop currency to get some of the best stuff, but I've gotten about 500 of the cash shop currency since I started playing, from my daily wishes, missions, my crystal farms, etc... So it hasn't been an issue - especially since the game is mostly PVE driven and the PVP arena is fairly balanced.

My current line-up. I love my Nine-Tailed fox.

Other than that, I've been working on a few games for OnRPG. I recently completely my launch review of Divinity: Original Sin. Just click the link to see it if you like. I'm still working on Ascent: The Space Game - it seems like more projects with higher priorities keep popping up. It shouldn't take long to finish, I just want to get a bit further in the game and then need to collect all my screenshots. I also got the OK from Dizzy to do a review on Ingress, which shouldn't take long at all. And I recently got a key for Endless Legend to do a review. So my plate is pretty full for this month. 

Other than that, the only other bit of news I have right now is that Dizzy has a project for me on September 19th, which he says should keep me plenty busy. So that's something to look forward to.

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