Friday, August 8, 2014

ArcheAge and the Rebirth of Amitabha

So, as the beta events for ArcheAge have been happening, I've found myself focusing on the game a lot more. If anyone has read any of my other blog post concerning ArcheAge, or my Early Look at the Russian ArcheAge Open Beta, you'll know I like the game a great deal. And my love for the game has continued into the Trion version. Although, I'll be the first to admit that certain parts of the game should be tweaked - such as F2P LP restrictions.

My time in the ArcheAge closed beta has inspired me to re-create Amitabha within the game. We've received multiple members, a number of which are quite active and all of them are Founder's. We're going for a medium-sized guild with around 50 active members at most. We want to be somewhere between casual and hardcore. We definitely do plan to play hardcore during the first weeks of the game, however. Especially during the 4-day Early Start.

I have also decided to upgrade from the $50 Founder's Pack to the $150 Founder's Pack once I get the money to do so. The alpha access will be nice, as I have a lot to re-learn about the game. Especially considering all the changes between the Russian and Trion versions. Plus the bonuses from the pack will be nice. Part of my early-game plan is to get a cash-shop mount and a cash-shop glider. 

I've re-designed the Amitabha website a decent amount to get ready for our transition into ArcheAge. I've removed as many old relics from the site from our time in other games that we no longer play as possible. I also re-did our permissions and rank system to be more in-line with that of ArcheAge. One of our new members, who has been promoted to officer, has paid for our site and TS3 server for over a hundred days. We also have several very active members, a couple of which have also been promoted to Officer in preparation of ArcheAge. So it looks like Amitabha will have a full revival within ArcheAge with a strong core membership.

I've also experimented with importing our logo into the game. The system for doing it is quite nice, and you can even purchase clothing to have it printed on. As you can see, I'm wearing and "Amitabha" shirt. The only issue I ran into was that one side of the sail shows the logo in reverse, so you can imagine that would be a problem. I'm considering a slight re-design that will turn the Amitabha lettering so that it can be read from any direction. There's also the option of coming up with a crest or something that will represent Amitabha in ArcheAge that has no letters. I'm not sure yet.

Other than that, no real updates yet. I am working on an Early Look for an awesome game called Robocraft. I've played it in the past and coming back to the game to see how far it's come is great. I know it's an over-used description but it fits the game perfectly - It's a mix between Minecraft and World of Tanks. It's amazing right now, especially playing with friends. I'll have it done before the up-coming ArcheAge beta event on the 14th.