Friday, April 19, 2013

Addicted to Age of Wushu

So, originally I had planned to make Darkfall: Unholy Wars my "main MMO" that I play when I'm not playing something to write about it. Unfortunately, at the last minute (a few days before launch :/)the guild I was in fell thru and decided not to play Darkfall. I ended up joining another guild, but having to play with a bunch of guys you aren't familiar with, especially in a game like Darkfall kinda kills your will to play a game.

I had previously made the decision not to play Age of Wushu at launch, as the last time I played, I got sucked into it heavily and I ended up spending way to much of my time on there. And then after that, due to lack of participation in the guild I didn't get my character very far, though I did get up to 33 on my first internal. I ended up quitting.

Well, since Darkfall didn't work out I decided to go ahead and give Age of Wushu another go. I played for a few days, developed my character rapidly, did very well on instances and ended up making my own guild, Amitabha. Just like in Closed Beta, I made a Shaolin and I love it just as much as I did back then. I'm not sure what I will do with Amitabha, I am thinking about handing it off to one of the more dedicated members, as I am not cut out for leading a guild. I much prefer following and helping than leading.

Since the start of the server, nine days ago today, I have poured a lot of my day into the game. So far it hasn't gotten boring, and I'm kind of afraid. Normally I would get bored at this point, but I've been hooked. Between doing spy missions, Team Practice, gathering, crafting, and instance running, I'm constantly busy while in the game. When I log out I'll throw up a stall and hope to sell my ares for the day.

And my guild is working towards getting to a point where we can upgrade to guild level 2. This will allow us to take a guild HQ and we have our eyes on one of the two in Shaolin. Since we are a primarily Shaolin guild, it makes sense.