Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ingress + Articles update

This month I submitted reviews/articles on Endless Legend, Divinity: Original Sin, Ingress, and Ascent: The Space game (which hasn't been published yet). Endless, Divinity, and Ingress were all superb games. I'm still playing Divinity and Ingress (especially Ingress), and the only reason I'm not playing Endless or Ascent right now is that they're not complete. I would recommend you check out all of the games, though.

Speaking of Ingress, this past week or two have been pretty fun. The "virus" released by Dr. Bogdanovich, that has greatly reduced the life-span of portals that don't receive regular XM recharges, has resulted in a lot of portal changes. This is perfect for the new influx of players thanks to the #NewAgentInitiative program and iOS release. Plus it makes playing in a town by myself a lot easier and interesting.

This week, my town has been visited by Resistance agents three times. I'm not sure if this is because they have plans that require portals in my town, or if they're just coming because they noticed my small town becoming an Enlightened-controlled haven. Either way, it's been fun having challengers. I'm able to take out their portals fairly easy, as they seem to only put up to level 6 reso's on the portals. Not sure if they're being considerate of me, or if they're just no higher than level 6. 

If things continue as they have been, I should reach level 5 either today or Thursday. 

That's all I have for today. My posts will probably center around Ingress and ArcheAge for the next few weeks. Thanks for reading.

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