Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Secret World, Robocraft, and Shores of Hazeron + Article update

During the month of January I've spent a majority of my time playing Shores of Hazeron. This was because of the Galaxy Wipe that happened on the 4th, which cleared the playing field and let everyone start off on an equal footing. Of course, the veterans got off to a better start than most, as they know the ins-and-outs of the game, and some large communities (such as the Goons from SomethingAweful) have set up shop, making things a bit difficult. But, my friends and I have managed to get off to a decent start and we've set up Amitabha Industries, currently 20th in the Empire Rankings.

I re-used my Amitabha EVE Corp logo as our Empire flag. 

The first few days were a bit rough, mostly because we came into contact with the two biggest "bullies" in the game. One of which is GET OUT, the Goon/SomethingAweful empire. After that rough start, we've managed to get ourselves settled in a nice corner of space and have been doing pretty well for ourselves. We're about two days away from getting warp tech, and have made some nice friends near our sectors of space. We've also conquered a couple of smaller empires. All-in-all, we've been having fun this time around and it's nice that we're getting to start off with equal footing than others, as last time we played the Galaxy had already been going for a year+ and the "Super powers" were already firmly established and it was play there way or don't play at all, which wasn't very fun.

I've recently gotten back into The Secret World, as well. When I originally started playing, I only played while my friend played so I was able to focus being a more support-type character. This was great as a duo, but now that I'm playing mostly solo, it's not very fun. So, I've decided to switch my focus to Chaos and Fist weapons for now, and will spread out later on. I am playing with some guys from the OnRPG Community, though. TSW is a fanastic game, and it's true potential doesn't come out until you have a friend or two to play it with over a voice-chat program like skype or TS.

Wish I had a better TSW screenshot to show you. I can't find where I saved them though :(

Playing The Secret World again has reminded me just how amazing the game is. It's honestly the best PVE-focused experience I've ever played. The quests are fun, the voice-acting is spot-on, and the atmosphere in the game will completely consume you while you're playing. I just can't think of another MMO that can compare. No other MMO combines story-telling, puzzle-solving, mystery, and fantasy/sci-fi so well. It's one of those games that I would recommend anyone buy and play.

Another neat game I've come into contact with recently, thanks to the OnRPG Community, is Robocraft. It's a spectacular game with a simple concept that allows for an infinite number of possibilities (kinda). Basically, using blocks, you design and build your own robo-death machine and go at it in team versus team matches with other players who have created their own machines. The game is still fairly early in development, yet is great fun (and free to play!), and I suggest you try it out. The download isn't large, and it's a ton of fun when you've got a quick 10-15 minutes.

Here I'm testing out a new flying design against a ground-based AI unit. My design was a complete failure as it would easily flip over.
Last up is some article updates.  I've been pretty busy this month. I started the year off with a Predictions article for 2014. After that, I did a re-review of Requiem. Then I got a chance to get an Early Look at War Thunder's Group Forces update. I also took an early look at Yulgang 2, a point-and-click and action MMORPG hybrid set in the universe of a popular Korean Manhwa. I've got got admit that playing Divinity: Original Sin was the highlight of my month, though. It's a spectacular game, even at this early stage of development , with a lot of potential. I've also done a Q&A with the Senior Produce of Dragon's Prophet at SOE, on their up-coming major update to the game, and that should be available on OnRPG closer to the end of the month.

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