Monday, September 23, 2013

Update: MechWarrior Online, Fallout Online: Reloaded, and more

So, I've been playing MechWarrior Online for a few weeks now. I started it about the same time I started playing Fallout Online: Reloaded. A couple of days ago I started writing a review for the game, so that should be done tonight. It's been a lot of fun playing MWO, so reviewing it is proving to be fun as well. I'm not sure which game I will do next, but it'll probably be a few days before I get anything assigned to me as this months deadline is day after tomorrow.

One thing I can't help but think about while playing MWO is MechWarrior: Living Legends. Honestly, I feel that MW:LL had more going for it than MWO currently does, and it's a shame that development had to be shut down. However, it's understandable because the guys who were working on the project were using CryENGINE (which is also the engine MWO uses), and they got employed by the folks behind the engine. It wouldn't have worked out, having employees using the same platform and idea that a customer was using, even if the employees had the idea first.

Other than MWO, I have been playing Fallout Online: Reloaded. I'm slowly getting bored with it, unfortunately. The reason behind this is that I'm just not having a fun time grinding up my characters. I've got one character up to level 17 now and will hopefully have him up to 24 in a few days so I can do some PVP. Hopefully getting into PVP will help me enjoy the game more. It's almost the same scenario that I ran into with EVE, I've been stuck doing the crafting side of things which I honestly like a lot, but I just can't seem to break into PVP which is something I really want to do. In the end, if I can't get into PVP soon, FO:R will have the same fate as EVE has at the moment - stuck on the backburner and ignored until I get that Fallout/sci-fi itch again.

Speaking of EVE, my characters are coming along quite nicely. Another 12 days before my industry character can use Exhumer's, and just 5 days until my combat character reaches level V Upgraded Weapons. I really need to take the time and get them both an updated clone, though. I guess I'll continue to skill up for 2-3 more months before I try and get back into the game. And even if I don't get back into the game anytime soon, I'll have a couple of slightly developed characters to jump back in with.

Another game I've been eying is the Artemis Starship simulator. Previously it was a rather clunky piece of software that allowed you to 'simulate' being on the command crew of a star ship with some friends. Recently, they've upgraded it a bit and put it up on Steam for $7 and I have been thinking about getting it along with some friends. However, the more I thought about it, I realized that I could essentially get the same experience with Shores of Hazeron, and SoH has a ton more features compared to Artemis anyways. So I'm still on the fence, but I really do want an experience similar to what Artemis has to offer so I've been on the lookout for those types of games lately.

I've noticed that a lot of the people I know from the Duchy of Wessex have gotten back into Mortal Online. To be honest, that's made Mortal seem a lot more appealing. Almost like getting the "dream team" back together or something. I'll probably sit on the sidelines and lurk in the forums for a week or two and see if things hold steady.  If they do, I'll go ahead and jump back into the game. The fact that I have a bunch of fully developed characters and a guild that I know participates in PVP waiting makes it very appealing.

I'll go ahead an close up the update here. I'm going to try and take the blog into another direction. I'll continue to post these crappy updates that no one reads (well, it tells me that people read it but no one seems to comment except for spammers), however I'm also going to start posting neat games I find, impressive sales for good games I come across, and other stuff. Maybe include some mods I find for games I like. Anyways, thanks for reading.

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