Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update (Fallout Online, EVE, and more!)

So I finished my TERA review a few days ago, and I also completed a review on a neat browser-based title called VEGA Conflict. I was quite surprised at how much I liked both games. VEGA specifically was a rather pleasant MMORTS experience and I'm still playing. So, if you play and would like to join together for some stuff, let me know. Next up my list of games to review is the new America's Army game which I've been playing a bit already, but I plan to start playing hardcore tonight so I can get the review out in a few days.

I'm still playing both EVE and Fallout Online: Reloaded. I dropped Fallen Earth because FO:R provides everything it does and more. And while I do like shooter combat, it's not enough to make up for all the features it doesn't provide and the typical MMO progression when compared to Fallout. EVE... I've kind of stepped back from EVE For a bit, just log in to set up my skill queue. I had hoped to get into PVP, but I'm just not in a position to be able to commit to any corporation that could provide fun PVP, and I don't have the time to run the Amitabha Industries corporation as I would like to.

I do have a couple of funny stories to tell about Fallout Online: Reloaded. I've started up a small trading/crafting faction called Free Miners Federation. Thanks to donations from some very helpful members of the FO:R community, I was able to build an outpost fairly easy. Since then, I've gotten a few members and we're slowly growing. Unfortunately, one of our first members turned on us. Which is the first funny story.

So this guy, known as DemonHunter, joined our faction and was initially very friendly and helpful. For a couple of days he was a good faction member. Then, the other day, he donated 20,000 caps to go towards our faction getting our own private mine. I think that's very cool of him, so does the other guy in our faction, and I log out for a few hours. I log back in and all the stuff in the base is gone (most of which he helped gather) and there's his initials out in front of the base in Brahmin shit. This is hilarious because he essentially got the short end of the deal - we got 20,000 caps, he got roughly 4,000 caps worth of very easy to get items and resources. So while I do kind of want to be mad at him for trying to screw us over, I just can't.

This next story is even more hilarious. So, we have one member (Hippie), who primarily uses radios for communication. Hippie happens to go AFK and then a few minutes later some guy jumps into our public channel and says he's Hippie's alt, and would like me to lead him to our base so he can be put in the faction. I'm busy with other stuff so I tell him I will in a bit. All the while, he's still acting like Hippie and the real Hippie hasn't spoken up or anything yet.

So I eventually lead the guy to the base and put him in the faction as a recruit. He initially doesn't do anything. Just runs around and explores. He even continues to play along as if he was Hippie. Needless to say, I'm extremely skeptical and I stay at the base and follow him around the whole time. Then, out of no where, the real Hippie shows up and immediately I start typing, "/r KILL HIM!" a few times Hippie uses his minigun to saw the guy down. He had 700+ caps on him plus a few other neat items. We all had a good laugh and I set the guy to hostile/enemy of the faction. We decide on a new general chatter channel to use, set up a couple of backups that we only use when we think we've been compromised and move on.

Now that's not even the funniest bit. A few hours later I get a PM on IRC by some guy telling us we need to be more careful because his faction (with PickMyCock's help) had just looted our Outpost and taken our vehicle. I found that a bit weird because I had been in our base crafting the whole time, and we didn't have a vehicle. I tell the guy and he's a bit confused (so are we). I end up logging off for the night.

Next day, I log into IRC and get a message from the same. Here it is:
<******> Funny story. That guy you killed accidentally took us to his own base, but was to embarassed he didn't say anything. He let us take his stuff, and didn't say anything. Dug around, found out the truth and gave the stuff back because holy crap that is pathetic.
<Apoca> Wow, that's pretty incredible
<******> It's really, really sad the lengths that some people will go to impress others. Too bad for him, that we don't value people who lie and throw themself under the bus in an attempt to gain favor.

 Man, I love this game! So many epic things happen in it. (failed) Espionage, base raiding, stealing, and more. It's what I originally envisioned Mortal Online would be like. Mortal has a decent number of the same features (MO is a bit softcore compared to FO:R tho), but it just doesn't work as well as FO:R does. Oh well. Anyways, that's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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