Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Ship & Thinking about Bioshock Infinite

So I just bought The Ship, an awesome multiplayer game centered around murdering and trying to stop yourself from being murdered. It's only $5 on Steam currently, but the sale should be ended on the 29th with the rest of the indie games sale. If you see this before then, I suggest you grab it while it's on sale, as it's usually $20. It's well worth $5.

Right after buying, I went ahead and played it for a couple of hours. I had a blast and it was very easy to get into. It's one of those games that is simply incredible to play with friends in skype/TS/Vent/Mumble/Etc... I haven't gotten the chance to test this yet, but I am 100% sure it is. I can't really think of any other games like it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen similar mods for HL2 (and the game is based on the Source Engine).

Basically, you spawn as a random character. You can choose to be a hunter (where you need to hunt someone while someone else hunts you) or a passenger (where you just roam the ship and hope you don't get stabbed in the back, but do your best to defend yourself if you can).  While you're hunting/being hunted, you will need to do stuff to keep your character happy and healthy. This included using the bathroom, cleaning yourself, eating and drinking, reading, getting some entertainment and even sleeping. It makes for a pretty interesting experience, trying to kill someone while your bladder is almost ready to burst.

I streamed all of my first play of the game, and I plan to stream some more when Kay is online. I went ahead and gifted her the game, so hopefully we'll get a chance to play for an hour or so tomorrow. If you're interested in seeing my hour and a half of gameplay, click here to watch it. Feel free to follow me on my Twitch, as I stream daily and usually for several hours. From around 4pm until 6am. Anywhere between there.

As for new Bioshock game, I am really thinking about buying it. I haven't bought myself a single player game in a while now. The last single player game I bought was Skyrim. I put a good forty hours into it and haven't played it sense. Well worth the $60, but I don't think Bioshock would have that much playability.

Generally, I just watch livestreams or youtube Lets Plays, as what I really want from the single player experience is the story. I did watch about two hours of gameplay of the game on youtube and now I want to play myself. I did a quick google search and someone claimed there was eight hours of content with just the main storyline alone. I'm not sure how accurate that is, so I will be asking around a bit more before purchasing (if I do purchase it). I might just continue to watch gameplay on youtube instead and save myself $60 I'll never get back.

Which makes me wish that it were possible to resale games you buy on Steam. I can understand why developers and publishers don't want to give you the ability to do it, but it's annoying not having that option like you do with console games. I don't know if that $60 will be worth the "eight or so" hours of gameplay I will get. Someone said it could be up to fifteen hours of content if I do all the side quest and stuff, but again, is it worth it?

I love steampunk, which is why this Bioshock game appeals to me so much. 2013 seems to be the year of the steam. There's City of Steam going into open beta later this year, Bioshock, Guns of Icarus Adventure Mode up on kickstarter, and there's probably more that I can't think of right now. It's going to be a pretty good year for gamers who enjoy the steampunk theme. Anyways, thanks for reading.

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