Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dragon's Prophet

Today I purchased the $40 Founders Pack for Dragon Prophet NA (by SOE). Had a nice discussion over at OnRPG before I decided which pack to go with. I was on the fence between the $90 and $40. At the time, it appeared that there really wasn't much bonus (at least for me) to getting the $90 pack over the other two. Unfortunately, later on after I had already purchased my pack, the buy page was updated and it was clarified that you also got a house with the top two packs. This sucks for me, because I would have bought the $90 pack if I had known I would get a large house with it, rather than the small house with the $40 pack.

I might contact SOE and see if I can upgrade, but to be honest, I don't really feel like it anymore. Oh well, I start with a small house. I should have the ability to upgrade to something nicer later on. And if I join a guild, I will probably do what I always do when I join a guild: Focus on the guild rather than my own stuff. It took me years before I finally decided to build my own house in Wurm, and I still have yet to have my own house in Mortal Online (tho I did briefly a year or two ago, didn't last long however). I only had a small house and a bunker (gotten from the Mustafar expansion) in SWG.

Anyways, when I do get into the NA beta for Dragon's Prophet (should be on the 29th), I have a pretty good idea of what I should be doing. I plan to play it semi-hard, even if everything will be wiped. I am hoping the closed beta wont last long, though. The Taiwanese closed beta is supposed to last for two more closed beta events and then transition to Open Beta right after. SOE will probably do the same. Though there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the buy page that says that it could take up until December 2013 for the Open Beta to come out, and we don't get the Founder's Pack items until the Open Beta.

Until the 29th, I will probably be playing mostly Neverwinter, as I just got a beta key for it from Click here to see if there are any keys left. It doesn't start until tomorrow (the 22nd), though. I'll be splitting my time between Neverwinter, Smite, and sometimes Tera until Dragon's Prophet on the 29th (or later, if things get delayed). Anyways, thanks for reading.

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