Friday, September 26, 2014

ArcheAge + Reviews Update

I meant to make an update sooner, but I've been so invested into ArcheAge I don't have much time left for other things.

It's been an intense two weeks, to say the least. For the first week, it was a battle just to play the game. On top of that headache, I found out that the one zerg guild I wanted my guild to avoid was on my server. This came about due to some issues with our originally planned alliance, the Council of Erenor. But, in the end, it's worked itself out (at least for now), so it's not so stressful.

We were able to get our Tradeship a bit over a week after Launch. The day after, our guild also got our first Galleon (A Lutesong Junk, pictured below). As we're a small guild, we have trouble manning both of them so we don't really see a reason to try hard to get more. We definitely could, but now our resources are better focused at getting neat houses and whatnot. Speaking of which, we got a deed for a medium house to act as our "Crafting Hall" last night. I'll post a screenshot of it in the next update (so in a month or so :D ).

My ArcheAge launch review was published  on the same day the game went live as I had been working on it since beta. I used the Early Start to fine-tune everything to make it as accurate as possible for launch, and it was ready to be published as soon as the game went live. Of course, someone at OnRPG (not sure if it'll be me) will come back to the game after it's had time to mature to give it another look. Until then, though, you can find the review HERE.

In non-ArcheAge news, I recently did an article on the Early Access of a hack n' slash/ARPG game called Fight The Dragon. It was a surprising amount of fun, and I especially liked the unique take on end-game content. As the name suggest, you fight an epic dragon as the end-game boss. And you don't have to max out your character to do it, either. From the start you can challenge this dragon and you can continue to do it over and over, using items you get from regular adventures called Dragon Scrolls. The dragon has (at least for now) 1,000,000 HP and it will take some time to get it down. I haven't achieved it yet so I don't know what happens when you do (And I'm purposefully not looking into it as I would like it to be a surprise). Anyways, 3 Sprockets decided to use a quote from my article on their steam page.

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