Monday, July 8, 2013

Age of Wulin and Wurm Online

So, after a lot of thinking and planning, I have decided that Amitabha will be playing three games at the same time now. First is Age of Wushu, which we are currently playing. Second is Age of Wulin (technically the same game). The third is Wurm Online. I decided on Wulin because Snail sucks, but we're going to continue playing Wushu despite this because people have invested a lot of time in their characters and it'll be a good source of info for the future of Wulin.

We are going to play Wurm Online because it is still the most amazing sandbox experience out. Maybe in a year two that will be different, but for now it still holds true. We will be playing in conjunction with with the gaming community Duchy of Wessex, who will have their own religiously themed expedition into the game. This will mean we will have a close ally to trade and fight with, which is great.

We will also be having the help from my friends at Ordo Lucius, who has been playing Wurm Online for years now. They will help provide us with some starting tools, some highly skilled labor, and maybe some seeds and animals. Overall it should be a smooth start and an all-around fun time. I'm really looking forward to it. Feel free to register at our website and join us in any of the games we plan to play (including ArcheAge in the future)!

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